Susan West

Painter / Digitally Abstracted Photographs

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8 Days of Arts Funding

digitally abstracted photograph

This work was selected by an independent panel of judges for the OPEN 23 (2011) exhibition at the New Walk Gallery, Leicester.

It is based on the song called the 12 Days of Christmas but the funding of the arts goes into severe decline after the 8th day when the economy is milked by hedge fund managers. Arts funding has also been severely reduced by the '5 gold rings' of the Olympic games. It is autumn for arts funding as shown by the "brush stroke" in the bottom left of the work but there may be berries of hope despite being surrounded by thorns. According to Wikipedia '4 calling birds' comes from Colly birds which are blackbirds and when I did a google search for blackbirds, Escher's interlocking birds came up which makes a nice link back to art. They are flying out of my work (top right) in the hopes of better times to come. Again according to Wikipedia the 'Pear Tree' in the contemporary version of the song came from the French word for a partridge.

This is a limited edition (edition size is 100) print.

©Susan West

Whilst great care has been taken to try and realistically represent the artwork's colour hue, contrast, etc. it is impossible to accurately reflect the physical work of art using a computer monitor / screen.